Acupuncture-TCM Massage Clinic

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Dr. Lu is a calm, caring practitioner. I rely on her to help me maintain my health and prevent illness. She will continue to be a member of my family's health care team.I began seeing Dr. Lu in the summer of 2010. 


Danny Foster

I am and will forever be grateful to Dr. Fei Fei Lu for her expertise and heartfelt caring in healing my body and will always recommend her to my family, friends or to anyone who needs to get out of pain and into to pleasure.


Lori Yates

-almost immediately normal body temp,no night sewats,no menopause smptoms,lots of energy

-year later no flooding, weight loss, fibroid is shrinking, feeling better than I have in many years

- wish I had done this ten years earlier and had avoided all these problems! 


Yuanna Ramon

Dr. Lu helped with my breasts too: in the beginning with acupuncture for pain and then with herbal formulas to balance the hormones in my breasts. My left nipple doesn’t look irritated anymore.


Allan Chrenek

I was fortunate to find Fei Fei, with her medical background and depth of practice, she gave me a sense of confidence that I was in good hands.  I’ve recommended friends in the past and they have all had positive results especially in her area of specialty, fertility.  


Henry -sports injury

In February 2010 I met Dr. Fei Fei Lu, she suggested acupuncture treatment. I was impressed and decided to try the treatment after the initial consultation.  After only a couple of treatments the pain was gone and I could really enjoy my practices again. Now I’m still having acupuncture treatment once a week to twice a month to maintain the good results and to prevent further injuries.