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Shiwei Li

Shiwei Li has worked in China as a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist for many years. Shiwei Li has had success in treating stress, infertility,respiratory diseases and various pains syndromes. After she came to Canada, she entered Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continued to study for 3 years, after then she passed Pan-- Canada examination & CAAA Safety Examination, obtained the certification of registered acupuncturists .She was a volunteer acupuncturist at the Calgary Drop In Centre for a year. She specializes and enjoys helping people with the flowing conditions:
Musculo-Skeletal Conditions:
Pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness in neck, shoulder, arms, hands, fingers, back, knees, and feet due to different types of arthritis, tendonitis, injuries, sprains, spasm, motor vehicle accidents, irritated nerves or fibromyalgia.
Neurological Conditions:
Primary Headaches (tension, migraine, cluster or mixed), pinched nerve, peripheral neuropathies,  trigeminal or other neuralgia, sciatica, acute visual changes or tinnitus related to some neurological dysfunction, stroke residual.
Gynecological Conditions:
PMS, menopause, infertility, dysmenorrhea, benign irregular menstruation, benign amenorrhea.
Chronic/Systemic Conditions, IVF and artificial insemination of adjuvant therapy of traditional Chinese medicine.
Poor sleep (insomnia), fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain (Fibromyalgia).
Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, eczema, urticaria, hay fever, asthma, celiac disease. 
Esophageal spasms, GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease), chronic gastritis (palliative only), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), benign diarrhea and constipation.
Depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, hypersomnia and insomnia.
Sinusitis, common cold, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma.
(1)Jean Qi
Hi  Dr.Shiwei Li
I am very grateful to get your treatment. Since I had a car accident, My eyes were misaligned with blurred vision and severe neck pain . After you did acupuncture on me , the severe neck pain was gone. my eyes recovered. My greatest happiness now is I can drive my car again.
My friend, Mrs Wen, had sudden facial paralysis and her left eye is constantly open. Further,her right of mouth did not close properly. After six times of treatment for 21days, she recovered as good as before.
Thank you for your excellent dedication and professional treatment.
Jean QI
July 10 2014
Hi  Dr.Shiwei LI
When I went to see you, I have been bleeding for 3 months during the menstrual cycle, and did not have pregnancy for 3 years after marriage, I desperately cried in front of you.
You are very calm and confident to tell me, from the diagnoses of traditional Chinese medicine  that I did not have any serious conditions, will be healed very soon.Your patience, kindness and TCM treatment therapy provided me with great confidence.I insisted on acupuncture and drank herbal tea within two and half months , the bleeding totally stopped, my healthy was recuperated .In May this year I came back from my vacation in Mexico and found out with great  astonishment that I was pregnant.
I am very happy to tell you, I have 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Thank you very much for your treatment
Grace GUO
Aug 3 2015
 (3) Sandy Wang
My name is Sandy wang, I had lung problem for a few days, easy to catch cold and sneezing, running nose every morning, which drove me crazy. Finally I went to see Dr.Shiwei Li for treatment,after her three times proper treatments,there aren't the same symptoms anymore. She is amazing. She is treating my lower back pain now, it is getting better and better, I am really appreciated what Dr.Shiwei Li' medical knowledge and attitude to treat patients. It's not enough to say thanks except appreciate.
Sandy Wang 
July 26 2015
At age 34 I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and high FSH, even before my husband and I attempted to conceive a child. This was a very shocking discovery as I have been very active and maintained a very healthy lifestyle. My doctor at the Regional Fertility Clinic suggested IVF right away with an aggressive protocol.  We were not ready to do IVF right away and wanted to try to conceive naturally instead. 
I started acupuncture treatments once a week and although I noticed improvements in my general well-being and my cycle, we were unable to conceive.After about one year, we decided to go through an IVF cycle. At that time Dr.Shiwei Li took over my acupuncture treatments. She told me that I had a cold uterus as I always had cold feet, and she applied heat to both my feet and my stomach along with the acupuncture treatments. Unfortunately I didn’t respond well to the IVF drugs and after only one follicle showed up during the first ultrasound, my doctor gave me the option to either cancel the cycle, or continue to see what happens with further stimulation. I was given a 10% chance of success at that time. We chose to complete the IVF cycle as our chances wouldn’t be any higher with any subsequent cycle. This was a very stressful and emotional time. Dr.Shiwei Li made herself available in the evenings, and was very compassionate and encouraging. I received acupuncture treatments two or three times a week during the IVF stimulation period, along with moxibustion. At the end of the IVF stimulation period, a total of five eggs were 
retrieved, three of which fertilized. This was a very good result considering we were given the option to cancel the cycle at the beginning. Two perfect embryos, an eight-cell, and a ten-cell embryo were transferred on day 3 after fertilization. 
Unfortunately, neither of the embryos took and needless to say, we were quite disappointed. My fertility doctor suggested donor eggs for the next cycle, as he thought the quality of my eggs was just not good enough.
I continued going for my acupuncture treatments with Dr.Shiwei Li. She still reassured me that I was healthy and able to conceive on my own, even if I had low ovarian reserve – all I needed was one healthy egg. She gave me herbal tea, which I drank 3-4 times a day. I was told that my natural cycle would take months to stabilize after the IVF drugs, however with the herbs and acupuncture treatments, my cycle was back to normal within two months. Three months after my failed IVF cycle and after continuing weekly acupuncture treatments along with the herbal tea, I found out I was pregnant – naturally. I could not believe that despite the negative statistics I had
just conceived naturally. I continued seeing Dr.Shiwei Li in my first trimester. My first trimester screening went well and we were able to see the baby and the heartbeat. I am due early next year. I am so grateful for everything Dr.Shiwei Li has done for me and can only recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility.
Aug 17 2015
My experience with the TCM Acupuncture Clinic and Dr.Shiwei Li was great. I went to this clinic for acupuncture treatment to help with getting pregnant after experiencing two miscarriages. Dr.Shiwei Li gave me great advice and I was impressed with the care and time she took to understand my issues and provide such quality care. I never felt rushed and really felt her sincerity. And the results speak for themselves, I was pregnant within 3 months of treatment! I am now 8 months pregnant and I have had a healthy pregnancy throughout my term.   
Thank you Dr.Shiwei Li!"
(6)Angle W
I am a teacher. because the work I had been lasted for a few months coughing last year, I went to see Dr .Dr.Shiwei Li, she gave me herbal tea and acupuncture treatment, there are about 1 months the cough was completely stopped.Then I told her, after I had my daughter, there has been a headache problem, even ease lying down can't relieve it.After Dr.Shiwei Li 2 months of treatment, now the headache also completely disappeared.
It Is really amazing !!!.
Thank you very much Dr.Shiwei Li
Angle .w
Sep 3 2015